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Documentation Centre services available to the public:

  • Reference Service

- To welcome and orientate users in the efficient exploration of services and information resources available:
- To support users in the definition of search and rescue strategies of  information in catalogues and data bases of local access or on the internet
- To direct users to other documentation services whenever it is not possible to respond to their requirements.

  • Reading room

- To accept and process requests for personal consultations: - To make available documents for consultation in the reading room: - To lend support and clarification requested by users during the process of document consultation

  • On-line Consultation

- To give access via internet to the records and pictures of the documents kept by the National Railway Museum Foundation guaranteeing the growth of information available in our data base.

  • Document Reproduction

- To accept and process requests for the reproduction of documents (printing, digitalization or photocopy)
The reproduction of documents is subject to some restrictions, bearing in mind the type of documents, state of conservation and their intended use. Always taken into consideration will be the law in force on author’s rights and connected rights.

The price list for reproducing documents is available for consultation.
The cost of postage will be added when documents reproduced are sent by mail.

The time for the reply to users requests depends on the volume of the request and of the capacity of the services replying.

Download See here our Price List

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