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The Foundation



Fundação Museu Nacional Ferroviário

The National Railway Museum Foundation Armando Ginestal Machado (NRMF), was created by Decree Law nº 38/2005 of the 17th February as a private legal company for an indeterminate duration, having been recognized as a public utility for the purpose as set out in Decree Law nº 460/77 of the 7th November.

Being the successor and continuer of activities within the scope of railway museology and of the railway heritage management that REFER and, above all, CP have been developing for various decades.

The NRMF has, as its mission, the study, conservation, valorisation and promotion of the historic, cultural and technological heritage of the Portuguese railways. It also has a specific objective of the creation and management of a National Railway Museum in Entroncamento as well as the conceptualization, invigoration and management of the various museum centres, both existing and to be constructed.

The principal operational objectives are the continuation of the implementation and invigoration of the National Railway Museum in the city of Entroncamento, inventorying, processing and the recovery and guarantee of public access to the museum collection and records, as well as the management of the ten museum centres dispersed around the country, with various activities being developed that will create conditions for the introduction of modifications of concept and structure in the programme of these centres, namely to the level of the preservation of the heritage and guarantee of public access, from near and far to the museum collections



The NRMF also has the following skills:

  • Continuation of the development of the National Railway Documentation Centre
  • Promotion of the scientific, historic and anthropological investigation of the railways in cooperation with educational entities and investigative units.
  • Edition and publication of works related to the historic, cultural and technological railway heritage.
  • Invigoration of voluntary programmes that conform with the aims of the NRMF.
  • Organizing conferences, debates, seminars and other activities concerning railway  transport.
  • Creation of prizes, management and attribution of research scholarships.
  • Interchange with national and foreign counterpart institutions that follow similar activities.
  • Identification of historic lines and collaboration with railway transport operators in their respective development.
  • Technical and scientific identification within the scope of railway development.


 Entities with equal standing to the founders


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