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Mission and objectives


The National Railway Museum (NRM), inaugurated on the 18th May 2007, is presented as a multi-centred museum institution, constituted by a Central Museum, situated in Entroncamento and diverse Museum Branches distributed throughout the country.

The perimeter of the central museum occupies an area of 4,5 hectares and includes nineteen railway tracks, the Head Office of the Foundation, the old Provisions Warehouse and other buildings of relevant historic importance, all of them in a phase of being readapted to Exhibition Areas, Reserved area and the installation of Support Services.

Given the scientific and technical complexity of its heritage collection, the National Railway Museum is integrated in the business of Industrial museology, whilst as an academic discipline, coinciding chronologically with the definition, implementation and projection of railway culture to a national and international level, from the end of the XVIII century until the present day.

In this regard, the interest of the National Railway Museum, is in the identification, conservation and valorization of this heritage, respecting their different technological phases, as well as its intrinsic relationship with the history of transports and industrial production, having regard to the evolution itself of the different services and equipment relating to railway exploration.

Following these principles, the items in exhibition in the Museum and respective Museum Centres include a varied group of collections associated with the theme of railways constituting a national heritage collection with the highlight being the rolling stock and the whole group of objects that are complementary to this.

The National Railway Museum aims, in this way, to assert itself in the context of national and international railway museology, not only by the quality of its assets, but also by the scientific and technical rigour of its interventions, by the interest, importance and innovative character of its projects and by the   pedagogical character and appellative of its activities directed to an ever larger public.



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