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Educational service


Serviço EducativoThe Educational Service of the National Railway Museum is composed of a team of people with very diverse valences that develop and carry out educational and leisure projects for people of all ages…a team composed of railway people and technicians with a background in History and Social Cultural Animation. We all pledged to invigorate the National Railway Museum.


Mission and Objectives


The Educational Service of the NRM has as its objective to reach and to motivate the different audiences in an educational, scientific and dynamic approach to the railway heritage. In the first place, we want to awake the interest of the local community to this heritage, looking to increase its civic sense and necessary awareness for its preservation and fruition. It is imperative to have contact and a close relationship with schools, day centres and other organizations, stimulating the acquisition of fresh knowledge, the discovery of the function and significance of the objects from the past, in a way to learn and respect its historical value, recognizing, finally, the need to preserve in the future. It is because children will have the future responsibility and benefits of the heritage, that priority is directed to them.

We are trying to stimulate the learning process in an enjoyable and educational manner. To see, touch, feel, hear, smell…through the interactive modules/laboratories that enable the exploration of the many and varied railway themes. We want that experimentalism contributes to the stimulation of the scientific knowledge and the diffusion of scientific, technical and technological culture. To understand that science is everywhere and that it is this that enables us to respond and explain how everything about us functions.  

On the other hand, we are developing actions educationally orientated to the long term that seek to intensify the relationship with the communities that surround us,  making possible the fruition of areas which have such singular characteristics, sharing  with the community day by day, stimulating the cultural and parental improvement of the railways.

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