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InventárioThe process of inventorying of collections is one of fulcrums of museum work. In this connection, the inventory service of the NRM only began inventorying the collections of the institution during the middle of 2010, defined as a previous fundamental necessity to the creation of two operative instruments, namely the structuring of a classification system applicable to the collections under its management – aimed at the definition of a group of categories and subcategories in which they might be framed and prioritized in the museum collection, with a view to the normalization of the classification input of the objects in the inventory data base – and the creation of a group of inventory standards for Portuguese railway heritage.

Acquiring these instruments and starting with a preexisting summary register, the inventory, relative to the historic rolling stock is on going, intended for its use in the scope of the scientific production of the NRM, as well as its public availability in accordance with the defined standards. Later the inventory will be enlarged to all the collection located in the Entroncamento Railway Complex the museum centres and other storage areas, permitting, as soon as conditions for such exist, simultaneous action.

The definition of an incorporation policy that determines the criteria for the objects to incorporate consistent to the needs and interests of the museum, is another fundamental fulcrum. This instrument is not only necessary for the definition of the group of belongings to incorporate that will constitute the initial museum collection, but also for the continuous and progressive enrichment of the collections. Only with a coherent incorporation policy and a profound understanding of the collection are we able to preserve, and increase the potential and value of the Portuguese railway heritage.

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