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Photo of a business group visiting the museum

Corporate Visits

Photo of a business group visiting the museum

Museu Nacional Ferroviário can offer group tours tailored to meet your needs.

Located in central Portugal, the Museum is easily accessed by the railway and motorway network, easy access from any corner of the country; we create a memorable experience in an unparalleled setting.

In addition, to the quality and importance of its permanent exhibition, the Museum consists of several buildings and outdoor spaces that convey a highly realistic impression of the industrial atmosphere of the early 20th century, with a modernist touch that contributes to make your corporate visit a memorable experience.

Photo of a business group visiting the museum

Your corporate visit can be combined with an event or conversely, it can be the event itself.

Request our mini-train and/or rail motor quadricycles for a journey around the Museum itself. That will add much more fun to your experience.

This experience will be unforgettable for everyone!

Update date: 16 May 2023

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