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Photo of one of the rest areas for visitors

Plan your Visit

National Network of Railway Museums

Plan your visit to the National Railway Museum and its branches and come to know the history of trains, locomotives, carriages, halls and wagons.

Discover this authentic national treasure with one of the best collections in Europe, in Entroncamento, but also in Arco do Baúlhe, Bragança, Chaves, Lousado and Macinhata do Vouga.

Membership Card Advantages


  • Free annual pass.
  • Free admission for one guest.
  • Discounts on cultural activities of the Museum, namely shows, exhibitions, workshops, etc. Discounts will be defined and announced in accordance with the types of activities.
  • Opportunity for participation in exclusive membership activities.
  • 10% off in the museum’s shop.


  • Annuity – 20.00€ per person, valid for one year.
  • Personal and non-transferable card

Getting your membership card

  • You can register and get your membership card at the museum’s reception or by filling out a form.

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Update date: 11 January 2022