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Photo of a school group visit to Oficinas do Vapor


Schools Visits

Photo of a group of students visiting the museum

The National Railway Museum offers an unforgettable experience to visitors. From the arrival of the first Steam Locomotives to the present day, the proposed activities highlight the impact of technology and science on our daily life.

Having the unique environment of the Museu Nacional Ferroviário as a backdrop, our programs are a complement to school extracurricular activities, challenging the imagination of students and providing amazing and unequalled experiences.

Explore our school visit offer, with links to school programs that highlight science, technology and history:

General Visits

  • All educational stages;
  • Length of visit: tailored to the needs of each class;
  • Guided tour to the permanent exhibition, covering all visitor areas

Photo of a group of children traveling on the mini train
Schools Visits
Photo of a group of children near a multimedia device watching the moview "Mr. Steam"
Schools Visits
Photo of a visit to the interior of a locomotive by a school group
Schools Visits
Photo of a group of children watching a film at Espaço Inovação
Schools Visits

Themed Tours

On Board

  • Elementary Schools to High Schools;
  • Length of visit: 60 to 70 minutes;
  • This tour allows students to visit the interior of some train cars from the Museum's collection.

On this tour, you will be able to visit the pavilion of a steam locomotive, the locomotive cabin, carriages and cars and discover more about the history of these great machines, how they were driven, their function, who operated and worked on them and much more.


  • Junior High Schools, High Schools and Vocational Schools;
  • Length of visit: 60 to 80 minutes;
  • A tour on the evolution of trains, from the first cars to the present day.

This tour provides a glance at the technology and science behind these cars that set them in motion, from steam locomotives to electric trains, as well as diesel engine trains, through the machines of our collection.

Railway Workers

  • Elementary Schools to High Schools;
  • Length of visit: 70 to 80 minutes;
  • The tour that allows us to learn more about the day-to-day work on trains and on the railroad.

Discover the different professions, their tasks and routines, specific utensils and tools of each trade related to railway work.


  • Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools and High Schools;
  • Length of visit: 2 hours;
  • You have arrived at the Museu Nacional Ferroviário. What do you know about trains?

This is a game that allows you to discover the history of trains and railways in Portugal in a different way through the museum's collection, by covering its many spaces, collecting clues, doing tests, answering questions and solving puzzles.


  • The mini-train consists of a locomotive and five carriages, inspired by the iconic Locomotive CP 1424 and the historic Portuguese Presidential Train. The mini-train can accommodate 20 to 25 people at a time.   
  • It is a manned model course that lasts about 7 minutes.
  • The operation of the minitrain is dependent on the weather conditions observed on the day.

School group visits must be booked in advance. If you want to enjoy the experience of travelling on the mini-train, please contact us in advance.

Update date: 20 October 2023

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