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Railway Museum Network

National Railway Museum

Photo of the Royal Train

The National Railway Museum is a national museum, whose collection can be visited in different parts of the country.

By initiative of Armando Ginestal Machado, at the end of the 1970s, several vehicles and objects were kept in old railway depots and yards. Several of these sites have been adapted, and can now be visited.

The objects shown here mostly represent the communities that served and are linked to the railway lines and their infrastructure, reviving the individual and collective memory and identity of each Region.

National Railway Museum Foundation  is heir to these different sites, through its Articles of Association and Bylaws, having signed Shared Management Protocols with several Municipalities, which oversee their operational management. Now it is important to evolve to new approaches, which include new management models.

The Railway Museums Network will be an organized system of museums aimed at reinforcing the qualification and the cooperation, towards the appreciation of each railway museum and, simultaneously, sustaining the strategic strength of a collection that is present in Continental Portugal.

In a first stage, the Network will integrate the current Railway Museums. At a later stage, railway museums that are managed by other entities will also be integrated via application.

Update date: 11 January 2022

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