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Photo of the exhibition Presidential Train at Oficinas do Vapor

About the Museum

National Railway Museum

Photo of the model of the 1501 pacific locomotive

The National Railway Museum tells the story of more than 160 years of railway history in Portugal. A tour around one of the best collections of railway heritage in Europe - with around 36,000 objects! - We propose a journey through time, from the first steam locomotives, to the rail transport of the future.

This is a space for collective experience, dialogue and shared knowledge, open to all audiences who are willing to discover the cultural heritage and the historical, symbolic and technological role of rail transport in Portugal.

Photo of the exhibition Presidential Train at Oficinas do Vapor

Railways opened up new territories, paved the way towards the development of new cities and towns, connected communities, created and sustained new offers and needs, changing the way we see the world. Hence, the National Railway Museum goes beyond the borders of the national territory, bringing a unique perspective of the history of Europe and the World, giving it an international character.

Technology, arts and science intermingle with the collective and individual narratives of all those who were and are part of the railway universe.

Photo of Oficinas do Vapor interior with Presidential Train and automotora Allan

A visit to the National Railway Museum includes the discovery of unique objects associated with themes as diverse as the old stations, apprentice schools, the construction and maintenance of the railroad, but also medicine, hospitality or model building.

By visiting locomotives, coach cars, lounges or wagons, one realizes the relevance of an authentic national heritage that includes unique treasures such as the Royal Train or the Presidential Train.

We have several public services and activities at your disposal, which are designed to meet the needs and expectations of each visitor, in a constantly evolving approach. You can have a go at driving a quadricycle along the tracks of the Museum or travel on the manned model circuit.

Hop on this journey into the history of trains and discover unexpected objects from one of the best collections of Europe, in Entroncamento  but also in Arco do Baúlhe, Bragança, Chaves, Lousado and Macinhata do Vouga.

This Museum is yours, a Museum for everyone.

A unique experience you can’t miss.

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Video of the inauguration of National Railway Museum on May 18, 2015

National Railway Museum Inauguration

May 18, 2015

Update date: 16 May 2023

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